Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you deliver to?
We deliver across Lagos, Nigeria.
2. What is the delivery fee?
Delivery fee is only ₦3500. No other fees or charges.
3. How can I place an order online using your website?
  • Select an item you would like to order by browsing our categories
  • Click "CONTINUE"
  • Fill out order form which includes sender information, recipient information etc. Review all of the order details and click "CONFIRM" at the bottom of the page
  • Choose one of the payment methods and complete the order. Shortly after making payment you will receive an email confirmation from us
4. Can I order via email or Facebook/Instagram?
Yes, you can. Just send us message with all order details (your full name, your phone number, your email address, recipient full name, recipient phone number, delivery address, delivery date and card message). Our email address is, , Our Instagram page.
5. When do you deliver? Can you guarantee a specific time of delivery?
We deliver between 9 am and 7 pm Monday - Friday and between 9 am and 6 pm on Saturday, local time. However, we can certainly try to make exceptions if you have a special request in advance.

We'll do our best to deliver on specific time! Just add a note in the "Additional Notes" section. For example, say "deliver before 3:00 PM, she leaves work then." That way the driver will know to make it a priority.
6. How long does it take to deliver?
Delivery time depends on the type of order and the details pre-selected by you (like the Date and Time).
7. Can you deliver same day?
Yes. To assure same-day delivery, order must be received before 5 pm, Monday - Friday and before 4 pm on Saturday, local time. Orders received after that time may be delivered the following day.
8. Do you deliver on Sunday?
Yes, but order must be received before 8 pm on Saturday, local time. Orders received on Sunday cannot be delivered on the same day, unless it's a special occasion like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter Day, Christmas Day etc.
9. Is my order information private?
Any information you provide us is considered private information and will not be shared. This includes your name, phone, email address, and credit card information. The name and address of your intended recipient is shared with our florists, but with no one else. For security reasons a copy of your credit card information or PayPal account information is not stored on our database.
10. I would like to add an item to my order. Can you help me?
For our customers protection, we do not store any of your billing information on our servers. Your credit card or PayPal information is deleted immediately after we complete your order, which means that we cannot charge your credit card again for any reason. However, it is still possible to make changes to your order: all you need to do is contact us and we will help you make any changes necessary. All that will be required is the re-submission of your payment information using a shorter form which we'll send you by email.
11. Can I attach a personalized note to the Greeting Card?
Of course you can attach a personalized note to greeting card, absolutely for free. Attach you message in "Card Message" field when you place your online order.
12. Can you deliver to an address without a phone number?
Yes, but if there is no phone number or if a phone number is not provided, we cannot guarantee the delivery on the date you requested.
13. What happens if my selected recipient is not at home?
If your intended recipient is not at home, you have a few options. We can leave your gift at the door or with neighbors, we can place a note with our phone number on the recipient's door, or we can attempt re-delivery for an additional fee. Please note that if the delivery location is an apartment building, it is not suggested to leave the gift at the door. Please contact us with questions, or please specify delivery instructions in "Additional Notes" field when you place your online order.
14. How do I receive confirmation of delivery?
After delivery, one of our sales representatives will send an electronic confirmation of delivery to your email address. In some cases, it may take up to 3 hours to deliver your confirmation. If your order is delayed for any reason, we will certainly notify you via email.
15. Which payment types are accepted?
You can pay via:
  • Direct Transfer (Naira account)
  • credit or debit card (For your convenience, Flowers Lagos accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network, Diners Club, American Express and many others cards.)
  • PayPal
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